Christmas Break Update

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Christmas Break Update

Week in the Life

First blog post! Here’s an idea of what the weeks of the first term have looked like:


One hour Philosophy lecture.


One hour Philosophy lecture, expanding on Mondays lecture.


Completely free (probably used for reading and occasional binge of The Crown).


One hour Philosophy seminar, again on the same topic as Monday and Tuesday. You’re in smaller groups now to debate and discuss the topic.


Two hour English seminar, followed by a three hour Medical Humanities Oakhill Group meeting. The meeting could be a presentation you have to do which wasn’t my favourite at first, but as you do them more and as they’re not graded theres no pressure to do it perfectly and you do improve. It could also be a workshop, anything really. Often it’s followed by some tea/coffee and some cake with your course mates and tutor. The group really makes you feel part of something special.

Reflection on the First Term 

This first term has gone by very quickly. All of the topics that we’ve covered so far are fascinating. In Philosophy we’ve covered things like disability, mental health, medical paternalism and human enhancement. In English we’ve talked about things like gender, race, culture and ideology. I relish the opportunity to think about a concept in depth and write about it, so far one English and one Philosophy essay (both formative). 

We’ve also had loads of workshops this term on topics including, music therapy, art therapy, exhibition curation and poetry. And, we may be going to a Medical Humanities conference in Ireland in the summer. Being able to mix in these different disciplines and meet really interesting people along the way is an exciting place to be. 

In terms of exams and deadlines, I have one English essay due on the 15th Jan (which I have already written as there was quite a lot of time that could be spent doing it), and a Philosophy take home exam on the 13th to 23rd Jan. The Philosophy exam is a little bit daunting as it’s two questions to answer, both 2,000 words. However, you have all resources available to you during that time, and there isn’t any cramming involved. Also, the lecturers are lovely and will give you support and advice if you need it, so I’m sure it’s achievable. Adding onto that, our dissertation outlines are due on 26th Jan. Which is equally exciting and horrifying, but its quite fun to be able to explore topics you’re really passionate about and find an angle on it that might actually be quite exciting. Its getting to the ‘right angle’ thats proving the challenge at the moment. Still, can’t wait to see what next term will bring. 

Coming up…. Units of ‘Literature and Medicine’ and ‘Death, Dying and Disease’

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