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So, you’ve got your intercalation offer, congratulations!

It’s never too soon to think about finding somewhere to live if you can’t stay at your current place for whatever reason, especially as specialist student housing can be snapped up quickly!

A good site I used to find a place is Spare Room UK, where you can post an ad stating what you’re looking for and in what area, so potential home owners/landlords etc can contact you directly in response to your ad (which can work when people haven’t posted an ad themselves but always be wary of these) with their property listing, or you can do your own search filtering by location, amenities, and preferred house/flat mates which is really handy!

I ended up securing a room a few miles from where my course will be based for a competitive price and would never have found anywhere else so I’m very lucky!

Obviously it can be risky going through the internet, so use your common sense and go and view the property, if it’s an agent check them online and don’t feel pressured to hand over any money before you’ve viewed the property and had all your questions answered. Spare Room has a good checklist of advice here.

Remember from 1st June 2019 it became illegal for estate agents and landlords to charge letting fees to potential renters in England so make sure you’re not being ripped off!

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