Halfway through the first semester…

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Halfway through the first semester…

Wow, I can’t believe how fast time has gone! I’m now at the end of week 6 out of 12 in my first term at Liverpool studying my intercalated BSc in Veterinary Conservation Medicine. A quarter of the way through the degree already D:

Since my first post about my experiences during my first week, my timetable is pretty much the same and I’ve gotten into the swing of it; we’ve had a trip to Chester Zoo to look at the species on which they’d like behavioural studies doing, but I’m still yet to find out my choice (this comes next term though!). Perks of the course is that we get free entry for the year with our research passes, so a couple of course mates and I went the following week (forgetting it was half term…. buggy wars all round) to see all of the animals! One of the highlights for me so far, for sure!

The jaguars were having a bit of a scat after the male sat on her head…
The beautiful painted dogs (a.k.a African wild/hunting dogs) having a snooze out of the cold!

I also had a few deadlines this week: I’m yet to receive feedback on my first essay draft (just need it done, submitted and out of the way really!) and a group conservation presentation on captive breeding (which was nerve wracking, but we got some good preliminary feedback!).

I’ll be honest that I’m still getting to grips with the amount of independent work expected, it is getting a bit easier although it is harder to be motivated when the winter nights are drawing in! My research project ideas are coming on slowly and my supervisor is leaving a lot to me… no pressure there. Still getting my head round lateral thinking! I feel puny next to my genius of a supervisor, but hey ho. Can’t give much away, it’s top secret…

In between formal teaching, I try to make use of the free Wednesday afternoons to explore new places (I call it my Wednesday Walks in the Wild), as it’s so important to take time out from work and exercise + nature = bonus for wellbeing (at least for me!). I’ve so far explored the Wirral Way (and Thurstaston beach), the local dales and heathland, Ness Botanic Gardens (students get £1 entry!) and Arrowe Park Woodland (featured in the header image!), all within 5 miles of where I’m living on the Wirral.

I’ve had the halfway slump, if there is such a thing, this week but as I’m going home to visit my family after my birthday next week I really need to pick up the pace a bit to stay on top of things, so I’ll leave it here for now!

If you ever have any questions about intercalation that you can’t find the answers to on the blog, please feel free to use the contact form on the homepage (which links to insideintercalation@gmail.com) to get in touch!

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