You’ve got an offer- what next?

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Congratulations! You’ve got an offer for an intercalated degree!

What are the next steps?

As always, the most important thing is the deadline! A bit like when you were first coming to university, there’s usually a date by which you need to confirm you’re accepting your offer so the staff have an idea of numbers, so make sure you make yourself aware of this and respond in enough time to secure your place!

Funding: It’s never too early to think about funding. Applying for student finance needs to be done around the same time as you would normally, so check with your student funding body when this is! (and allow extra time for this as SF can be awkward about funding intercalation years, see our guide)

Housing: if you’re staying at your current uni, make sure if you’re staying in the same place that you let your landlord you plan to do so (or any plan changes) or ensure enough time to sort out new housing (we all know what the panic of getting housing is like post Christmas holiday!).

Complete your current year at uni: this goes without saying as it’s usually one of the criteria for starting your intercalated degree! Certainly for me my offer was my motivation to pass my summer exams at the end of third year, so it’s good to use this as a positive to work towards!

The only thing left to say is good luck! It’ll be a totally different experience and leaving your friends behind can be daunting, but you’ll meet amazing new and like-minded people. You’ll be equipped with transferable skills for life and make connections that are likely to help you in your area of interest, so make the most of every opportunity you are given!